Artisan Wood Products for Everyday Use

Studio   565


Brothers, Daniel and Derrick Wilhelmus were born and raised in Southwestern Ontario.  Daniel pursued his love for helping others and became a chiropractor.  Derrick became an entrepreneur, later pursuing his love for helping others by completing a Masters in Divinity.
Over the years, the brothers had grown distant.  However, after both experiencing different life-altering events, the brothers reconnected and sought a way to spend more time together.  Their common interest was woodworking.  As they rebuilt their friendship and while building guitars, they realized that their unique talents worked very well together.  Studio 565 was born.
Studio 565 was their family-run business that Daniel, Derrick and their Dad (along with their Mom,wives and kids), worked together to create and showcase the beauty of wood.  They considered wood working an art form: allowing the vibrancy of the natural wood grains and colours to be presented in a unique and complementary manner. They enjoyed making everyday items beautiful.
In late 2014 Daniel and Derrick decided to pursue other business ventures, and sold the business to close friend Tim that shared the same passion for wood working. Together with his girlfriend (now wife), Tim picked up the business where Daniel and Derrick left off creating functional artwork for everyday use.


Studio 565 only purchases raw materials from managed forests, where selective harvesting and improved replanting practices are enforced.  All other supplies are sourced locally. Tim and his wife respect the environment and every wood species by incorporating a system of minimal waste.

Tim and his wife hope each and every customer sees the respect and care put into their high quality wood products and enjoy the natural beauty for years to come. Thank you for your support!


Tim Haviland
Owner, Studio 565